Alternating Shoulder Horizontal Abduction With Dissociation

The cervicothroacic junction (CTJ) can become a problematic area for people and may contribute to their neck, shoulder, or upper back symptoms. Mobility can be restricted secondary to stiff joints and/or soft tissue, and if soft tissue it could be limited due to weakness. Sometimes providing stability to an area is the best way to increase mobility! Try out this drill that focuses on scapular stability and CTJ mobility. With the right arm horizontally abducted all the way back, technically my neck is in end-range left rotation! My neck muscles are having to work hard in order to keep my head still, which requires to CTJ area to move! Be sure to use a light resistance and focus on quality of movement and keeping your head still. Follow this up with our other CTJ drills on a foam roller to really get this area moving better!
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