Golf Dynamic Warm-Up

"Feel is the most perplexing part of golf, and probably the most important." - Arnold Palmer Preparing for a round of golf is about getting your mind and body right for that 'feel'. Golf is a mental game because it stresses the central nervous system. That feel, touch, and stroke you're striving for over-and-over is mentally exhausting. By hitting the driving range, putting green, or chipping balls, you're priming the nervous system for that 'feel'. Just like any sport, you're strengthening the neural synapses of the action you're performing over-and-over again, for better (straight shot), or worse (slicing over and over). These days I'm lucky to golf, let alone get to the driving range prior to a round. BUT, I do know performing a warm-up can help to prime the nervous system. Doing so will allow my body to gain that 'feel', and control that 'touch'. A pre-round dynamic warm-up routine promotes the body to activate muscles to control motions to smoothly swing the club. Here is a quick routine I've put together of 9 movements to perform prior to a round. That means if you perform each movement for 45s (including both sides of 4 of the movements) SLOW AND CONTROLLED you can warm-up in under 10 minutes!
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