How to Use the Blue Side of the BOSU

The BOSU trainer is a fantastic piece of equipment that can be used for prehab, rehab, and strength and conditioning purpose alike. There are TWO SIDES of the BOSU that should be used for separate you know what the BLUE side is for?? The blue side is the more compliant surface, the bouncy surface, and thus will provide a greater level of instability to the most proximal body region on it - your ankle (if standing). Thus, use the blue side to challenge and work on your ANKLE STABILITY. Improving ankle proprioception is especially important in PREVENTING ANKLE SPRAINS. The ability of your ankle to sense where it is in space is imperative to making quick muscle actions or changes in direction to prevent excessive ankle movement which can lead to ligament sprains. Now that you know the blue side is for challenging ankle stability, choose APPROPRIATE EXERCISES in which the goal is to increase your proprioceptive awareness! Balance drills, quick support drills, dynamic landings, and cuttings drills are perfect examples of exercise that demand high levels of ankle proprioception and are appropriate for the blue side of a BOSU. However, an exercise like a squat is not necessarily the the most ideal exercise for he blue side of a bosu, and here's why. The PRIMARY goals of a squat are to work on your hip and knee extensors, NOT YOUR ANKLE, so should you be performing squats on this blue side? Probably not! Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post on what the opposite side, the black side, should be used for!
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