How To Teach A Hip Hinge

We want to promote a hip hinge in our daily movements and motions. However, it is not the easiest task to teach your patient or client how to do so sometimes. Here is a quick video on a few different cues to promote a hip hinge. 1) Utilize a resistance band - Anchor a band to a stable surface, and place this around the waist. Creating tension in the band will impose a hip flexion torque on the person's waist. This is one of the easiest ways to teach someone how to hip hinge. 2) Utilize a stick or barbell - This is a great progression or modification from the resistance band. Here we are promoting the individual to impose a hip hinge independently. Cue the individual to push the stick/bar just above their ASIS (hip bones), and let their butt stick back. 3) Tall kneeling hip hinge - Sometimes you have to take the quads and the knees out of the equation. This is a great regression for an individual who is starting the movement at their knees, and not their hips. By starting in a tall kneeling position, the individual physically cannot begin the motion with a knee dominant strategy. This forces a hip hinge!
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