How to Restore Knee Flexion After Surgery

Timestamps ⏱ 0:00 Start 1:12 Seated Knee Flexion-PROM 2:27 Knee Flexion on Wall-PROM 3:50 Body on Knee Flexion-PROM 5:30 Biking   If you had knee surgery this video is for you!    Regaining knee flexion and extension following knee surgery is crucial! The ability to bend our knee through a healthy and functional range affects many aspects of our life including stairs, driving, walking, getting on and off the ground, you name it...your knee has to be able to move appropriately to do it!    Sometimes improving knee flexion comes with thinking differently about how our knee moves. Maybe we allow gravity to do a bit more work, maybe we allow other parts of our body to move while our leg stays stationary.   Website: Facebook: Instagram: The Prehab Guys Twitter: TikTok: The Prehab Guys
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