How To Rehab A Lateral Ankle Sprain | Episode 33

So you sprained your ankle and you're looking for the best resource to get you started on your journey to recovery. Look no further than the video above! This is an awesome starter video that'll break down what an ankle sprain is and more importantly what exercises to start with and progress towards! After watching, you may want to consider our ankle sprain program that'll guide you to where you want to be! Timestamps: Start - 0:00 What is a Lateral Ankle Sprain? - 0:32 How To Pick The Right Exercises After An Ankle Sprain - 3:52 Step 1: Range of Motion - 8:07 Loading - 9:10 Phase 1 of Rehab - 10:42 Phase 2 of Rehab - 14:08 End Stage of Rehab - 16:09 What exactly is a Lateral Ankle Sprain? A lateral ankle sprain refers to a ligament injury of either the anterior talofibular and/or posterior talofibular ligament and/or the calcaneofibular ligament. These ligaments collectively provide stability to the lateral aspect of your ankle. It is much easier to sprain the lateral ankle ligaments versus the medial ankle ligaments or the structures involved in high ankle sprains because of the common mechanism of injury (rolling the ankle) and the lateral ligaments are simply inferior in comparison when it comes to their quantity and design. Up to 70% of the general population have or will experience a lateral ankle sprain in their lifetime, that's crazy! What should Ankle Sprain Rehab Start With? First and foremost you want to make sure you’re not doing something you shouldn’t be because you actually fractured a bone in your ankle and/or foot. We recommend checking out this article to help you identify this, but ultimately leave this decision to a professional. A good rule to follow is if you cannot put any weight on your ankle/foot and tolerate walking at least four steps, you may want to consider an X-Ray. Once this is ruled out, you can’t go wrong starting with gentle mobility and isometrics! We show you various options in the video! Should I Ice? Should I Wear a Brace? What about NSAIDs? Are there exercises I shouldn’t do? These are really good questions to ask, more importantly it can influence your recovery and healing timeline! Be sure to tune into the entire video as we discuss some of these components and more importantly we walk you through how to progress specific movements and differents planes of motion! You can also learn more by checking out our article - Looking for a fool-proof guide to rehab your ankle sprain on your own? Lateral ankle sprains can be challenging and frustrating due to having the highest injury AND reinjury rate amongst any lower-body injury. The high reinjury rates are likely because most ankle sprains aren’t properly managed in the first place. It’s time to change the narrative with [P]Rehab - we’ve designed a solution for you to get back to normal life while protecting your ankles into the future! Learn more HERE: Video Edited By:
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