How to Regain Knee Mobility After Surgery

There are NUMEROUS way to regain knee ROM prior to or after surgery. When it comes to ACL reconstruction in particular, one of the best indicators for good post-operative outcomes is normalizing range of motion PRIOR to surgery itself. This is why, in addition to allowing swelling to decrease, surgery is usually held off for a bit after someone tears their ACL. . Shown in the video are just SOME of the many ways we like to gain back knee ROM. In general, we can classify the exercises as either PASSIVE, ACTIVE-ASSISSTED, or ACTIVE range of motion exercises. . Passive exercises rely simply on gravity to do the 'stretching' work. Exercises like supine knee props, bag hands, or seated knee flexion all rely on gravity to stretch the knee. . Active-assisted exercises incorporate active movement into the exercise, in addition to an external force like gravity, your other leg, or even another person's body. An example of this is the supine knee flexion against wall exercise. Gravity is pushing Craig's knee into flexion, while he contracts his hamstring at the same time to add a further stretch to the quads. Note that this exercise and others can easily be made passive if Craig doesn't contract! . Active range of motion exercises use the agonist muscle to move into the range. Examples of this are the long arc quad to achieve full knee extension (using quadriceps) or supine heel slide to achieve full knee flexion (hamstrings). . Consult with your Physical Therapist to find the best combination of range of motion exercises for YOU!
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