How to Recover Faster from Muscle Soreness

Time Stamps ⏱ 00:00 Start  01:11 Here's the Breakdown 1:31 What Exactly is Muscle Soreness? 4:21  How Do We Recover Faster from Soreness?  5:08 The Role of Intermittent Sequential Pneumatic Compression (IPC) 6:58 What You Need to Know 8:16 End  Learn how to recover faster from muscle soreness!!! Muscle soreness, whether it is Acute Muscle Soreness or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), it flat out sucks. There is nothing fun about trying to tackle your day when you can barely stand up or sit down, lift your arm, or bend over. However, there is something positive to be said about muscle soreness, and what's important to focus on is how to best recover as quickly as possible to get after your next activity! This video highlights some of the science behind muscle soreness and the best strategies to improve your recovery from muscle soreness. For awareness, the jury is still out on what exactly DOMS is, and we share our take on it!  We’re constantly learning what is actually happening, and what we’re experiencing!
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