How To Properly Perform Banded Glute Exercises

We teach you the RIGHT WAY to perform ALL of your banded glute exercises! Banded side steps are all the rage now, especially on social media. But the majority of the time people are doing them, they are doing them WRONG! In this video, we're going to cover the top 8 mistakes people make with banded glute work! Follow along in the video for even futher details on these mistakes below! 1) Not actively pushing out against the band! Engaging the glutes and actively pushing your hips into abduction and external rotation is so important. You must preset the tension in the band and keep that tension through the exercise! 2) Cheating by taking large steps with your feet, not necessarily with the band. 3) Rolling the feet out 4) Loosing tension in the band during the exercise. 5) Leading through the front hip 6) Feeding into a dysfunctional pattern and valgus 7) Not controlling the eccentric portion 8) Too loose of a band
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