Overhead Shoulder Stabilization Sample Program

Do you have shoulder pain or limitations with overhead arm movements including… Reaching Pressing Throwing Lifting objects Playing sports You likely would benefit from a shoulder stabilization program! We post a lot of shoulder and scapular stability exercises that would help, however we have received a lot of questions about where and how to start. Here is a mini compilation of some of our episodes that includes how to progress an overhead stability program. In our minds, if your arms go overhead daily - you’re an overhead athlete. 1) Isolated Movement & Activation - we want to get motion at the right joints using the right muscles 2) Integrate Core & Kinetic Chain - Stable shoulders require a stable foundation. The trunk and the lower body need to provide the stable foundation 3) Increase Overhead Movements & Degrees Of Freedom - movement specificity is key, we need to challenge the overhead position in multiple ways This is a snapshot of a shoulder stabilization progra! It is recommended a skilled movement practitioner, such as a physical therapist, evaluates you and guides you through the progressions when it is appropriate to do so. If you’re in the greater Los Angeles area, contact us!
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