How To Introduce And Progress Single Leg Deceleration Exercises

Are you... - An athlete - Someone who works with athletes - Interested in helping athletes return to playing If you answered yes, be sure to watch the entire video and read more... We get a lot of questions regarding working with athletes. How do we test them, how do we train them, what return to sport protocols we use. When it comes to getting athletes back to playing, testing and training deceleration (slowing down movement) is something we always address. This episode demonstrates how to introduce, progress, and test deceleration. ACL non-contact injuries are often a result of uncontrolled deceleration. The goal is to improve the athlete’s ability to accelerate and decelerate, especially on one leg. Multi-directional lunges is an excellent way to introduce movement in multiple planes. Once control is established, then you can - add speed - progress to one leg The second half of the video demonstrates testing. Moving from triple extension to a squat position quickly is a great way to test deceleration before testing jumping. Again, progressing to good control on one leg is an optimal movement strategy we want all of our athletes to possess.
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