How to Improve Reaching Behind Your Back

TIMESTAMPS ⏱ 00:00 Intro 00:55 Hand Behind Back with Hip Hinge 1:43  Seated Thoracic Rotation 3:01 Kneeling Lat Stretch-Chair 4:10 Prone Shoulder Internal Rotation Liftoff    Do you have a hard time scratching that itch you just can't seem to get? Maybe putting on a sports bra? Putting on a belt? Tucking in a shirt? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions this video is for you!    Limitations in internal rotation of the shoulder can be caused by limitations in scapular and mid back mobility, capsular tightness, boney changes, and even muscle tightness of the posterior cuff and Latissimus Dorsi. If the posterior cuff does not allow us to move into internal rotation or the Latissimus Dorsi is so tight that it only allows us to work through a small range of internal rotation, this will limit our noted internal rotation of the glenohumeral joint as well! Join us as we take you through several exercises to address all of the above plus some strengthening exercises to help to improve your stability on top of your new found mobility.    If you are looking to really improve your shoulder health, check out our shoulder program!
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