How To Improve Carry Strength

We make an effort to not use the word ‘functional’ when we refer to exercises. However, there are ‘functional’ movements that are a part of life, and carry is one of them. Building carry strength can make life easier, here are a few examples of the carry ⤵️ ➡️ groceries ➡️ kid/pet ➡️ book bag/work bag ➡️ random life objects 🗑📦👜⛱📺 In this post we feature six carry exercises in a linear progression. Of course, progressions may vary pending how much weight you’re using. Our progressions are based on static and bilateral ➡️ dynamic and unilateral   1️⃣ Static bilateral farmer march 2️⃣ Static unilateral farmer march 3️⃣ Bilateral KB front rack squat 4️⃣ Unilateral KB front rack squat 5️⃣ Dynamic bilateral farmer carry 6️⃣ Dynamic unilateral farmer carry
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