How to GET RID of Neck Pain | Episode 36

Timestamps: 0:00 Start 1:03 Mobility Exercises 2:32 Neck Muscle Stretches 7:36 Stability Exercises 13:46 Conclusion Neck pain is one of the most significant health problems worldwide, it is estimated that up to 70% of the population have neck pain at some time in their lives. It has also been suggested that the incidence of neck pain is increasing! It is ranked as the fourth leading cause of years lived with disability. Rates of recurrence and chronicity are reported to be high, which calls for preventive measures, or [P]Rehab! There is evidence suggesting you may reduce the risk of neck discomfort by approximately half with an exercise program. This video will demonstrate how to improve mobility, control, and strength of your neck with the end goal of keeping your neck healthy and supple! Exercises here are broken up into mobility & stability: MOBILITY - This often provides temporary relief -Cervical SNAG -Upper Trapezius Stretch - Ear to opposite armpit -Levator Scapulae Stretch - Nose to opposite armpit -Scalene Stretch - Ear to opposite shoulder -Quadruped Thread the Needle - Mid-Back Motion is key when talking about neck pain STABILITY - What REALLY matters long term -Chin Tuck - You can hold isometrically or perform repetitions -Quadruped Deep Neck Flexor & Extensor Curl - Perform slow and controlled -Prone Ts - Head Lift - Feel everything work! Read More Here: Looking for a Neck & Mid Back [P]Rehab Program? Learn More: Video Edited By:
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