How To Get Back To Running After ACLr Surgery

ACLr recovery is a beast. It is tedious, it is something individuals have to live with and work at for the rest of their lives, and the medical field is still learning more about how to improve outcomes each and every year. One of the early milestones after #aclsurgery is getting back to #running This video shares some linear focused exercises and progressions to help ACLr individuals get back to running. Details regarding exercises below ⤵️   1 - TRX SL squats - SL squat performance is a common factor when determining if someone is ready to run yet   2 - Suitcase lifts - one of my favorite exercises after a lower body injury/surgery to target the involved side and work on any compensations   3 - High/low lunge hip linear med ball throws - this is a nice power/speed drill without lower body impact. Now the individual has to learn to load/unload their involved leg faster   4 - Depth squat landings - working on absorbing force. Learning to absorb force before generating force with impact drills is super important.   5 - Partial-WB unilateral squat jumps - now we are promoting generating and absorbing force with low impact in a safe environment. This drill is great for increasing confidence as well (prescribed for endurance).   6 - Linear marching - working on balance and mechanics   7 - Linear 2-in-2-out ladders - putting it all together prior to the real deal - running!
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