How to FIX Your Butt Wink | Episode 38

Timestamps: 0:00 Start 0:27 What Causes a Butt Wink? 2:23 Fixing The Butt Wink - Hip Mobility 3:42 Fixing The Butt Wink - Lumbo Pelvic Control 6:28 Is Butt Wink a Problem? Are you concerned about your butt wink? We have you covered! This video will break down what causes the butt wink in addition to the different ways you can improve your butt wink today! The butt wink is referred to as the posterior pelvic tilt when moving into a squat. What causes the notorious butt wink? Typically it will come down to either poor mobility of the hips or a motor control issue of the lumbopelvic region. If the posterior pelvic tilt occurs at mid-range and remains, then likely it is likely a control issue. If you see the posterior pelvic tilt gradually increasing as someone gets deeper and deeper into their squat then it is likely a hip mobility impairment. The exercise shown here for hip mobility is the runner’s lunge. This is a GREAT bang for your buck movement. Hold for 1 minute on each side and really sink into your hips, you should feel a stretch deep in the hip that is being stretched. The next few exercises include a progression of movements designed to help improve your motor control. We begin non-weight-bearing with a Quadruped Rock Back → Goblet Squat → Tempo Barbell Back Squat. These exercises should all be performed slow and controlled to allow yourself to better understand your pelvic position as you move into a hip flexed position. It is important to note that back rounding is not always a bad thing and is completely normal! However, if you are looking for more guidance we have a few programs that may assist you in achieving your goals! Hip [P]Rehab Program - Squat Fundamentals [P]Rehab Program - Low Back [P]Rehab Program - Video edited by:
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