How To Anchor Bands At Home

  • HOW: Stuck at home and trying to figure out how to anchor your bands to perform pulling exercises? You’re in luck! This video covers now to SAFELY anchor your bands lying around onto a door frame.
  • FEEL: If you’re lucky enough to have a third party door anchor at home with you, then use it! But for the people that just have therabands lying around, this is how to anchor it to your door!
  1. Tie a knot in the middle of the band
  2. Place the knot through crack on the DOOR side at the desired height
  3. Close the door and LOCK it
  4. Get exercising!
  • COMPENSATION: If you have other, thicker bands that do NOT fit into the crack, grab a thin towel and do the exact same set up. That towel now becomes your anchor that you can string your band through!
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