Horizontal Abduction Wall Slide

Many have performed a wall slide with force in the sagittal plane. Here is shown an osteokinematic shoulder flexion movement WITH A HORIZONTAL ABDUCTION wall slide force that will focus on all 3 planes! This is a great way to strengthen your shoulder girdle! . To perform this exercise: -Stand at a distance that will allow your shoulder to be in 30 degrees of abduction when making contact with the wall. This will allow you to be in Scaption plane as you elevate your arm. -As you elevate your arm, make sure to push INTO the wall. In addition to strengthening to dynamic stabilizers of the shoulder joint (Primarily Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, and Teres Minor) this exercise will focus on activating the notoriously weak Serratus Anterior as you abduct and upward rotate the shoulder blade (scapula)! . Progression 1: Walk out from the wall, you can also lean slightly into the wall to maximize the demands at the shoulder. Note: When walking out, you will no longer be elevating your arm in the Scaption plane, as you have changed the angle at your gleno-humeral joint. -Progression 2: Hold on to a thera-band that is anchored at your contralateral foot. This is another way to increase demand at the shoulder girdle.
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