Hip Internal Rotation Stretch

Limitations in hip flexion and internal rotation range of motion have been implicated as characteristics of hip pathology (Burnett 2014, Clohisy 2009, Sutlive 2008). Any activities that require squatting, pivoting, planting and cutting, and/or rotating your body will likely be hindered by limited hip flexion and internal rotation range. . Hip internal rotation is a commonly overlooked impairment. Shown here are 2 different ways in which you can improve your hip mobility which may allow you to improve your squat and deadlift depth. . For these exercises: ✅Cross your opposite leg on top of the leg to be stretched. Use the elevated leg to help drop your knee in towards the floor. ✅Reach towards with your arm towards the side that is getting stretched to maximize this stretch and avoid any compensation. ✅Further this hip stretch, place your legs up against a wall which will put your hips into more flexion as your medially rotate your leg. . You may also feel a stretch in your low back (particularly with the first exercise). No worries, this is likely a stretch of the commonly tight Quadratus Lumborum muscle being stretched. . Normal hip internal rotation is about 40 degrees. Don't push much through any irritation of the hip. We would recommend you reach out to a medical provider if you are in pain.
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