Hip Strengthening + Progression

Closed Chain Hip Strengthening + Progression . The modified side plank or side bridge has one of the highest gluteus medius muscle activations of any bodyweight closed chain exercise and should be a STAPLE in your [P]REHAB routine. As with any exercise, periodization achieved through micro changes in the exercise (i.e. progressions and regressions) are important for blowing through plateaus and continually challenging your movement system. Shown in the video are a couple of the micro changes we like to incorporate when the side plank gets too easy. You can pick and choose which progressions you like, or incorporate all of them into one killer exercise like I do! . Level 1: Side bridge/Modified Sideplank . Level 2: Side bridge/Modified Sideplank + Clam (you have the option of adding a resistance band) . Level 3: Side bridge/Modified Sideplank + Clam + Opposite knee floor touch . Level 3 is a burner! Focus on rotating your pelvis as well as this will ensure you recruit your hip external rotators. This movement is all about control, so make sure to move very slowly while performing it. . Tag a friend that needs to level up their glutes! . Citation: Boren et al 2011. Electromyographic Analysis of Gluteus Medius and Maximus During Rehabilitation Exercises
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