Hip Strengthening + Progression

Single Leg Stance with Hip flexion and rotation/ Standing Fire Hydrant/Gluteus Medius Wall Lean [Strengthen the Hips!!] . After yesterday’s post, many were curious as to why we weren't strengthening in a functional manner- which for most people will be in a weight bearing position. The goal with this series is to get people to understand the impairment = strength deficit of the Gluteus Medius- It is recommended to first Activate the weakened area (to increase corticomotor excitability) -> strengthen -> you can movement train. Because all the Glute Med strength in the world doesn’t matter if doesn’t activate at the appropriate time (AKA Motor Control). . Here are 3 Great exercises to challenge the muscle function of the hip abductors- primarily the Gluteus Medius. Remember- Keep your pelvis LEVEL, after all this is the Trendelenburg series! . ✅Single Leg Stance Hip flexion/rotation- 34-42% MVIC of Glute Med Bolgla and Uhl - The elevated leg will primarily target the Hip Flexors such as TFL and Illiopsoas. However add a micro bend in the knee and hip and the Glute’s should feel a good burn. ✅Standing Fire Hydrant ✅Gluteus Medius Wall Lean . For all 3 of these-really drive that stance leg into the ground and push your stance knee out & away from the wall. Although you are strengthening the leg that is pushing up against the wall, the stance limb is the one that should fatigue first! . Note: Feel free to hold these positions statically- this will facilitatie “encoding” for cognitive processes which are thought to play an important role in helping the learner create a motor memory. Static holds require prolonged focus and concentration, thus strengthening the corticomotor pathway to create motor learning. . Note 2: research has shown the importance of strengthening not only the Gluteus Medius, but also the Quadriceps and the Hamstrings. Increases in strength of the muscles, results in a reduction of the degree of Trendelenburg gait. . Citation: “AN EXAMINATION OF THE GLUTEAL MUSCLE ACTIVITY ASSOCIATED WITH DYNAMIC HIP ABDUCTION AND HIP EXTERNAL ROTATION EXERCISE: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW.” 2015. By: Macadam et al.
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