Hip Mobility Exercises That Don’t Always Work

What Does Mobility Mean? (Noun) The ability to move or be moved freely and easily.    ⏱ Time Stamps⏱ 00:00 Start 01:01 Introduction  03:07 Assess Yourself! 04:36 What do Stability Exercises Look Like? 05:23 Why NOT to do Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch 8:19 Strengthen with Plank Leg Lift  09:29 Strengthen with Abductor Side Plank 10:57 Strengthen with Star Plank  13:03 See ya next time!    Have your hips been feeling tight? Have you been trying every hip stretch you come across on social media and boy, they just seem to feel more tight than before? Well... STOP SCROLLING! Hip mobility work is great but is not for everyone!    If stability and strengthening is what your hips actually need, then stretching is not going to help that "perceived" tightness. Curious if hip mobility is what you need? Join Craig as we walk you through how to assess you hip mobility, and show you some stability and strength based exercises that may be what you have been scrolling for!    Hip [P]rehab Program: https://theprehabguys.com/hip-prehab-program/    Website: Theprehabguys.com Facebook: Facebook.com/Theprehabguys Twitter: Twitter.com/Theprehabguys Instagram: The Prehab Guys Tik Tok: The Prehab Guys 
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