Hip Mobility Compilation

How to Improve your Hip Mobility! . The hip is a ball and socket joint with 27 muscles that cross it to control its many planes of movement! Some muscles act as primary movers while others act as dynamic stabilizers of the hip. When the hip capsule is hypomobile or tight, your body may compensate from either up or down the kinetic chain to gain mobility. This has been shown to lead to pathologies in the lumbar spine (Reiman 2009, Devin 2012, Burns 2011) and lower extremity (Reiman 2009, Cliborne 2004, and Currier 2007). This episode is showing you numerous different ways to improve your hip mobility! . Additionally, hip mobility deficits have been found in people with hip osteoarthritis (Birrell 2001), sports related groin pain (Nevin 2013), and femoroaceteabular impingement aka FAI (Kubiak-Lankger 2007). . When FAI and labral tears are present, one typically exhibits reduced hip mobility into flexion, internal rotation, and adduction (Burnett 2006). Improving mobility in the hip joint does not require inventing new mobility; it simply means regaining what was lost in not allowing your hip to be in those ranges over time. This calls for [P]Rehab! . It is important to minimize the deleterious effects of hip mobility deficits. When hip mobility is adequate, there are better arthrokinematics, which leaves you with a happy hip. Improving hip mobility will not only improve your performance, it will also help reduce risk of hip and low back pain down the road. . Following the self-joint mobilizations, it is critical that you perform several repetitions of isometric end range exercises and isotonic exercises through the end ranges of hip mobility to re-educate the musculature and maintain the newly gained ROM. Finally, perform several dynamic drills to achieve neuromuscular control in the new hip ranges. . � The aforementioned self-hip mobilizations are meant to be integrated into a multimodal therapeutic home exercise program for a client by a clinician. Little evidence exists to describe the efficacy of these self-hip mobilizations or to demonstrate one technique’s value over another’s. . Tag a friend that needs more hip mobility!!
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