Hip Internal Rotation Mobilization

Have you seen someone walking with their feet sticking out like a duck? This is likely because their hip is rotated externally or outward. Being able to rotate your hips internally= great for hip health particularly for rotational athletes and those who perform a lot of squat and deadlifts. Shown in this clip is a great way to improve your hip internal rotation! . Beginning in a 90/90 position, Use a stick or a dowel leveraging your foot to rotate your hip medially/internally. -If too difficult to get in this starting position, elevate yourself. Here is also shown a technique using a yoga block to get this same stretch. -After passively stretching into this position, you want teach your body how to activate in this end range of hip internal rotation. Activating in this position is truly how you will teach your nervous system to maintain the improved mobility. . This is a similar movement as exercise #1 except this will take your hip into more internal rotation. . Hip internal rotation is a motion that is commonly overlooked, stay consistent with these stretches and you will notice improvement in your ability to rotate with in sport in addition to improving your squat/deadlift depth.
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