Hip Focused ACL Rehab Sample Program

Did you tear your ACL? Have you torn your ACL more than once? Are you done with physical therapy and want to know how to rehab on your own further? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this video is for you. From research, we know the hip plays a pivotal role in influencing and controlling the position of the knee. We also know the hamstrings and ACL are synergistic to one another, meaning the hamstrings muscle group is an ACTIVE stabilizer of the knee joint motions that the ACL also resists. These exercises are excellent for ACL rehab, but you can also take a [p]roactive approach and PREHAB with these types of exercises to reduce the risk of ACL injuries! It is essential to add multi-planar movements when training the hamstrings, as they’re a multi-planar muscle. Try out this exercise program!
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