Hip Flexor Stretching Without Kneecap Pressure

Having knee or kneecap pain while trying to stretch your hip flexors and quads!? Try out these hip flexor and quad stretching variations! The traditional half-kneeling hip flexor stretch with your knee on the ground can be uncomfortable for people. Also the traditional standing quad stretch is typically performed wrong and requires balance. There are four stretching variations provided focused on the hip flexors and quadriceps. 1) Pretzel stretch - one of my favorites for stretching the rectus femoris 2) Standing stool stretch - a great standing variation of the hip flexor stretch 3) Prone table stretch - This one is nice as it has options for just the hip flexors OR bend the knee and hit the quadriceps group 4) Half kneeling stretch with pad - with the minor adjustment of having the kneecap off the pad, this can make the stretch more comfortable
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