Prone Rectus Femoris Stretch

After looking at the “lower crossed syndrome” I hope you now understand how if hip flexor tone-Abdominal tone ---Anterior Pelvic Tilt/Lumbar Spine Hyperextension---Low Back irritation. Here is shown a great way to stretch ALL your hip flexors to improve your ability to get into a neutral spine alignment! . To perform this exercise: ✅Lay face down on a table, then begin to march your lowered foot up as high as you can while keeping the elevated leg flat on the table. In the video depicted above: the Right hip extensors and the Left Hip flexors will be stretched. In addition, this will ensure that you are locking your pelvis out (into a posterior pelvic tilt). Far too often when people stretch their hip flexors they actually compensate with Lumbar Spine extension -which is just feeding into the dysfunction! ✅You can lay here for single joint hip flexors such as Illiopsoas (other single joint hip flexors include Pectineus, Adductor Longus, Adductor Brevis, TFL). This stretch should be felt anterior to your hip. . Tip: To maximize an Illiopsoas stretch either Internally rotate your hip or rotate your trunk towards the leg being stretched. ✅To stretch 2 joint hip flexor’s particularly the Rectus Femoris- Come off the stretch just a tad then Flex the knee as much as you can tolerate. This stretch should now be felt more in the anterior mid-thigh region.
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