Hip Extension Isometric Push – Barbell

  • HOW: For this exercise get set up in a hip thrust position with  support at your mid back and something to elevate your feet with. You will want a heavy barbell resting at your hips with a weight that you will not be able to move to properly perform this exercise. Once properly set up, with a slight bend in the knee (roughly 30 degrees)  of the leg you intend to work, push your hips as hard as you can into the barbell and also think about digging the heel back towards you to get hamstring activation. Hold for the intended time and reps.
  • FEEL: You should feel your hamstring and gluteal muscle group engage as you perform this exercise.
  • COMPENSATION: Avoid just pushing up into the barbell, also think about pulling your heel towards your glutes to get the most hamstring activation.

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