Hip End Range Hold In Flexion, Abduction, And Extension

  • Why: Training hip flexion at end range is especially important for sprinters, hikers, jumpers, punters, cyclists, and hurdlers. Here are a few great drills to help improve your end range hip strength & activation. 
  • Start position: Begin in a half kneeling position allowing the kneeled knee to be on top of a foam pad for comfort. With the opposite hand you can stabilize as needed onto a dowel or any stable surface. 
  • The movement: Lift your hip up as high as you feel comfortable into each position without compensating. The body will want to move away from the body. 
  • For example: with hip flexion avoid leaning back/rounding the back, with hip abduction avoid side bending away/hip hiking, and with hip extension avoid leaning forward/arching the back.  If you really want to challenge yourself go through the entire motion of the hip: Initiate with hip flexion as high as you can -> Abduction -> Extension. Make sure to keep the trunk straight for the entirety of this exercise!

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