Hip Day Programming

🤔 We get tons of question on programming. While programming definitely is an acquired skill that some of the best coaches have mastered, it doesn’t have to be all that complicated for the majority of people whose goal is just general fitness. . Take me for example. Sadly, I am no longer athletic. I don’t competitively play sports anymore. Sure, I’ll grab a racket from time to time or shoot hoops - but that’s on the rare occasion. The only thing I do now is lift because that’s my mental escape. My zen time. Thus, my only true programming goals are to stay physically fit and active and more importantly in a good head space. . ✔️ I do a 4-day split. With 2 leg days. One being a knee dominant leg day and the other a hip dominant leg day. This is an example of the hip dominant leg day I did last week. It was as simple as going to the gym and choosing some exercises that were Hip dominant, and that I didn’t do last time. To simplify things, this is honestly the most important aspect of a program. . 👌That simple. Could it be more advanced and detailed? Sure. I could be a glute vs hamstring day. Or frontal vs sagittal plane hip muscles. Or the accessory work could be hip flexor or adductor focused. Whatever...at long as you actually MAKE IT TO THE GYM and MOVE - you won. Sometimes we get too caught up in choosing that “best” exercise when in reality ANY exercise is better than NO exercise❗️ . So, if you feel so inclined have fun with your programming and work at the nitty gritty details. Especially if you are a coach or therapist looking to perfect your craft. But know that sometimes keeping it simple is the best for not only you, but for the patient in front of you.
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