Supine Leg Whips and Slideboard Lateral Lunges

While much of the focus and attention in the rehab community is on the hip abductors (with good reason), we must not forget about the muscles on the other side of the hip - the hip adductors. Adductor strains are extremely common, and probably are the second most commonly injured lower extremity muscle after the hamstrings. It’s important to incorporate some (P)Rehab for your adductors as well! This pairing of a Band Resisted Supine Leg Whip and 2DB Slideboard Lateral Lunge is meant to activate the adductors and glutes with a simpler exercise from a more stable position before moving on to a more dynamic, multi-joint exercise that requires those muscles for stability and balance while under load. The Leg Whip is a great exercise for pelvic and overall core stability. Instability in more closed chain, functional positions we have noticed is usually due to glute and adductor weakness or inhibition. Our goal with the the leg whip is to activate these muscles prior to closed chain exercise. Focus on controlled accessory movement with a neutral pelvis and spine (core). The Lateral Lunge variation is an exercise that we really like due to it’s focus on not only the gluteus, but the adductors as well - a muscle group we feel is very under recognized in strength training programs.
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