Heel Raise Isometrics – Knee Bent

  • HOW:  Get set-up in front of a wall or an object to use for balance. Slightly bend your knees into a quarter squat position. Lift your heels off the ground in a slow and controlled manner. Hold this position for the desired amount of time. Really drive the balls of your feet into the ground.
  • FEEL:  You should feel your calves getting a workout, but also your glutes and quads working to maintain the position.
  • COMPENSATION:  Make sure to keep your knees bent. Do not lift your hips and let them rise up or fall down. Only our knees should be moving up and down as your raise/lower your heels. Do not shift your weight side to side. Make sure you go through your full range of motion at your ankle. This is not a balance exercise, so hold onto something to help with balance as the goal of this exercise is to strengthen your calves!

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