Handstand Push- Up – Wall Facing

HOW: Begin in a push-up position with your feet up against a wall. Push your hips up into the air as you walk your feet up the wall behind you and walk your hands closer to the wall in a controlled manner. Walk your body as close to the wall as possible and then perform a push-up in this position by bending your elbows, lowering your head slowly down to the floor. Once your head gently taps the floor, push back up as you straighten your elbows. Once finished with the prescribed number of push-ups, slowly walk your hands away from the wall and your feet down the wall to return to the starting position. FEEL: You should feel your core, hips, glutes, back and shoulder muscles working to perform the handstand push-up motion. COMPENSATION: Do not excessively arch your back when performing this exercise. Push through your shoulders as you walk yourself closer to the wall and keep your core engaged to avoid excessive arching through your low back.
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