Hamstring Swissball Curl Prehab

Hamstring Curls For Hamstring Health . 🙋‍♂️ Big fan of hamstring curls as it’s one of the easiest knee dominant hamstring exercises to perform with regressions. . 👏 Nordic hamstring curls are GREAT and there is a lot of emerging evidence suggesting that incorporating a very low volume of Nordic curls into your programming can cut the risk of hamstring related injuries in half. However, they are hard to perform on your own or make regressions! . ⭕️ I like to use a Swissball, but you can use any moving surface like a foam roller or sliders too. A swissball will be a little bit easier on the hamstring, but with an added core stability component. If you are having a hard time controlling your hips/torso, try putting your hands down on the ground to stabilize yourself. Using a foam roller which only allows motion back and forth will be easier on your core, but significantly harder on your hamstrings because you have to lower your hips. . 👀 You can choose to focus on only one part of the isotonic movement if you want: eccentrics only (shown in a video) or even concentric only. ⬇️ You can also regress the exercise easily by Performing just the bridge 📐 Changing how much you bend you knee. The less knee bend the harder it is on your hamstrings ⬆️ Using different size balls. Taller is easier. ⏱ Allowing a rest and the hips to lower (shown in video) or keeping them up the whole time. . 1️⃣ You can also progress by using just one leg! (SUPER TOUGH!)
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