Hamstring Prehab Exercises

Hamstring strains are one of the most frequently occurring injuries in sport. They can be challenging and frustrating to treat because of the high recurrence rate. Hamstring strains account for 12–16% of all injuries in athletes with a re-injury rate reported as high as 22–34%. Previous hamstring injury appears to be the most consistent risk factor for restraining the hamstring. These exercises can be used for [P]Rehab exercises to keeping healthy hamstrings. . Here are 3 great exercises that will help strengthen the hamstring at it's END-RANGE of motion which is key for [P]Rehab. The hamstring perform Hip Extension and Knee Flexion, therefore end-rage for the hamstirng= Hip Flexion and Knee Extension. Double Leg Hip Hinge- emphasis on moving at the hip! Used here is a thera-band around Arash's Neck for extra resistance. You can also use a Mobility Band here. Single Leg Hip Hinge (RDL)- Same idea as ^^^. Work slowly and to end-range of your hamstring length. Seated Hamstring Curl- Make sure to sit up with a straight back here, a rounded back may give you a false sense of hip flexion. The lower the surface = More hip flexion. . Hamstring injuries have long been the bane of athletes' participation in sport among those who engage in sprinting and explosive movements, primarily because of both the high occurrence and recurrence rates. These injuries appear to create subsequent weakness at the muscle's lengthened state, predisposing the athlete to further injury. It has been well established in the literature that eccentric training is effective in the prevention of hamstring strains . Citation: -"HAMSTRING INJURY REHABILITATION AND PREVENTION OF REINJURY USING LENGTHENED STATE ECCENTRIC TRAINING: A NEW CONCEPT" By: Schmitt et al. 2012.
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