Hamstring Contract-Relax Technique

Here is another great way to improve flexibility of your hamstring by using a contract-relax stretching technique. . 1️⃣Lay facing up (supine) and bring one leg up onto a wall. Make sure your back doesn’t round- if so you can place a towel to keep your lordosis in order to maximize the hamstring stretch. 2️⃣Contract your hamstrings by pushing into the wall with your heel for 5-7 seconds, follow this by pushing your knee into more extension until a desired hamstring stretch is felt. 3️⃣Repeat... . �To isolate the lateral hamstrings Bicep Femoris long and short head you can do this by internally rotating your legs so that your toes medially. �If your goal is to stretch the medial hamstrings- Semimembranosus and semitendinosus then you can externally rotate your legs so that your toes are point out. . �If you are feeling a stretch below your knee, you may actually be stretching nerves! This is fine if your goal is to tension your neural tissue, however this will limit a hamstring stretch. You can minimize this by pointing your toes away from you (Plantarflexing your ankle).
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