Hollow Hold Pull Over – Dumbbell

  • HOW:โ€ฏFirst get into the hollow position by drawing your ribcage down and towards your hips. Slowly lift your legs and upper back off the floor to form a shallow โ€œCโ€ position. This is your hallow position. Once here, hold a weight with both hands above your chest, slowly lower the weight overhead as far as you can control, return to starting position and repeat.
  • FEEL:โ€ฏYou should feel all the muscles in your core working to not only maintain the position, but also control lowering and moving the weight. Your shoulders, lats, and triceps will be working as well with this exercise.
  • COMPENSATION:โ€ฏMaintain optimal hallow hold position, don't let your low back excessively arch. Slowly control the lowering and lifting of the weight, do not rush it.

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