Half Kneeling Posterior Hip Mobilization – Band

  • HOW: Anchor a strong band at about waist height if you are kneeling down. Loop the band around one hip at the top of your thigh/groin. Face away from the anchor and create tension in the band placing that knee down on a foam pad on the ground. The other knee will be bent up with your foot flat on the ground. In this half kneeling position, tuck your hips inward by performing a posterior pelvic tilt(if you had a tail, think of tucking it under your hips). From here, let your bodyweight and the band pull your hip forward. Use your glutes to dynamically push forwards and backwards for the prescribed amount of reps or time.   
  • FEEL: You should feel a stretch in the front of your hip. You should also feel the muscles in the back of your hip working. 
  • COMPENSATION: Keep your chest upright, don’t slouch forward. Maintain the posterior pelvic tilt.

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