Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Ever done this stretch and just can't feel it? Or have a friend or client who just doesn't seem to get it? It’s the infamous hip flexor stretch that EVERYONE gets wrong. Follow this bulletproof guide to actually stretch your hip flexors and tag that friend/client who needs to unlock his hip!! . POSTERIORLY PELVIC TILT. Think of "thrusting" or "humping" the air in front of you with your hips. . KEEP YOUR WEIGHT ON YOUR BACK LEG. You won't get a stretch if all your weight is on your front leg! . INTERNALLY ROTATE YOUR BACK LEG. The hip flexors (iliopsoas) EXTERNALLY ROTATE the femur, which means in order to get a maximum stretch, we need to perform the opposite action: INTERNAL ROTATION. . SIDE BEND AWAY. On a stabilized femur, the hip flexors actually SIDEBEND the lumbar spine ipsilaterally, towards the side that is being engaged. This means that in order to get a maximum stretch, you need to SIDEBEND AWAY! . ADDUCT THE HIP. On a stabilized spine, the hip flexors will ABDUCT the femur. So to maximally stretch it, you need to ADDUCT the femur. Keep in mind that this will also put the TFL and other lateral structures such as the glute min and med on stretch so you’re getting more bang for your buck! . SQUEEZE THE GLUTES. Then lean forward. If you followed this guide to a T, by this step all you need is a simple glute squeeze and you should feel a RIDICULOUS hip flexor stretch! If not, simply move your pelvis forward a tad and that should take up any remaining slack. . Happy stretching folks!
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