Sample Golf Upper Body Workout

Golf is all about body dissociation. Can you maintain a golf posture while you move your arms, torso, and pelvis independently in a coordinated manner? Golf, like other sports, gets complicated when you're trying to produce maximal power with accuracy. SO when you train for golf away from the driving range and course, you want to perform exercises to increase power and the ability to control dissociation. Here is a push and pull unilateral exercise that challenges dissociation from the arms and torso. During these exercises, the trunk is resisting rotation FROM the anchor point. As you can imagine, during your down swing you must control trunk rotation towards the target with dissociating arm movement. It is important to perform these exercises for endurance with a challenging weight for you (90s+). According to an article by Lewis et al. published in 2016, seated and rotational medicine ball throws may improve club head speed. I also include a variation of medicine ball slams in a split stance position as this increases the demand on body dissociation. These power exercises are designed to be 10-25s max in duration, for 5-8 repetitions. Be sure to check out the entire video and stay tuned for tomorrow's post! Article: "Determinants of Club Head Speed in PGA Professional Golfers"
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