Sample Golf Core Workout

When it comes to golf, rotation is the name of the game. More importantly, it's about creating and controlling the torque created from rotation in your golf swing. Golf isn't always pretty, but that's why we only count strokes. Sometimes you have to make accurate shots in tough situations. You need to find balance and stability on uneven surfaces, in the sand, behind a tree, or one foot above the other. We want to perform exercises that create full body tension to increase overall stability. Full body tension WITH rotation demands dissociation! Check out these variations of rotatory exercises. Thinking about back swing, down swing, to follow through - it's all about weight shift from trail leg to lead leg. In these exercises, the knee that is down is the weight-bearing leg! So you want to increase stability in your back swing, get that trail leg down. If you want to work on stability with your down-swing and follow-through, get that lead leg down and put the pulley on the side towards the target.
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