Golf Backswing Trunk Control – Band

  • HOW: Anchor a band between knee and waist height in the direction of your follow-through. Follow the video for tips regarding how to set up the band. Once you have the band set-up and you’re in your address position, rotate into your backswing followed by performing your golf swing motion with a hip thrust and turn. The goal is to decelerate the resistance from the band and to work on your form and positioning. Repeat and follow video for tips.
  • FEEL: You should feel your lower body and trunk muscles working with this exercise. You want to focus on loading your trail hip muscles during your backswing as well as slowing down the resistance from the band with your rotation. You will also feel your core muscles helping with control and stability throughout the movement.
  • COMPENSATION: Focus on controlling the movement from your lower body and core. Try to maintain your swing path.

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