Glute Ladder Burner

In late stage rehab, it's important to start working on dynamic movements and prepare athletes to return to sport. Plyometrics and agility drills should be a staple in this phase of rehab. Here's a neat exercise I began using at the end of my sessions with post-op ACL patients that incorporates a glute burner during an agility drill on the ladder. . The key here is to keep CONSTANT TENSION THE ENTIRE TIME on the @theraband. I show a couple bad reps where I let the tension off, which you do NOT want to do. Keeping tension on the @theraband will ensure that you're working on both glutes at the same time. You can incorporate practically any movement you want with this concept. . Understand that the goal of this exercise is NOT to develop foot speed or pure agility. It's just simply a glute burner that's appropriate for rehab when athletes began the movement retraining phase! I only did this exercise for about 30 seconds and I was wiped out by end!
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