Half Kneeling And Tall Kneeling Hip Hinge

Have you been told you have a herniated disc? Have you been told to strengthen and activate your glutes, but bridges hurt?! Bridges seem like an easy exercise right, however if you think about gravity the glutes have to work directly against it with the bridge exercise. It is easy to cheat and compensate with the bridge, most people overuse their low back and hamstring muscles vs. their glutes. SO what do you do if bridges hurt and/or they’re too challenging?! Try out this exercise focused on glute strengthening and put your sound on to learn more. In this half-kneeling position to start, you’re working ACROSS gravity vs. directly against it, which tends to be easier after an acute disc injury or when you’re dealing with some low back pain. The half kneeling position is a great way to work on glute activation with terminal hip extension while opening up the hip flexors.
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