Forward Marching And Lateral Step With Band

A quick lesson on the importance of the glutes in human gait, walking is the most common movement performed by humans on a daily basis. Did you know the 2nd highest torque demand in the gait cycle is imposed on the hip extensors at initial contact? The glutes contribute to weight-bearing stability in double limb support, and also facilitate single limb support stability during stance. The GLUTES are what keeps us moving forward by progressing our center of mass (COM). The most important thing to understand is that the GLUTES can influence the position of the knee, pelvis, and the trunk. The hip bone is connected to the knee bone, and the pelvis bone! Weak hips sink ships. The ship (our pelvis) is going to be thrown around if it sails on choppy water ( weak hips). The problem is the ship's center mast is going to take unnecessary stress from it's weak foundation - that center mast is our spine. This can lead to compensation by the back stabilizers (ropes stabilizing the mast), or excessive stress at the lumbar / SI facet joints and the knee. SO let's train the GLUTES for endurance! Even better - let's mimic the most common physical activity performed. This is one of my favorites to add to the leg day program. A thick resistance band works best, get that trunk leaning forward, and drive those legs into the ground!
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