Hip Mobility For Golf

Now that we have gained mobility (refer to golf training warm-up hip routine), we want to promote moving through these new ranges with control to promote neuromuscular adaptations. The guys at PFS utilize a lot of FRC training. The first clip demonstrates closed-chain Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) designed to gait usable range of motion under active neuromuscular control. The second clip includes passive end-range lift offs targeting hip internal rotation, followed with controlled ascent descent from a 90-90 tall kneeling position improving strength and control in hip end ranges. According to an article by Vad et al. 2004, a high predictor of low back pain in golfers was reduced internal rotation of the lead hip. In golf, as one hip moves into internal rotation (IR), the other hip moves into external rotation (ER). Internal rotation facilitates loading in the backswing in the trail leg, and balance in the follow through on the lead leg. Whereas external rotation in the lead leg facilitates the backswing position, and helps to generate power in the trail leg during the downswing. Training movement in the 90-90 hip position is excellent for golfers because it put's one hip in ER, and the other in IR, just like golf!
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