Full Body Landmine Shoulder Press Variations

�️♂️ In end-stage shoulder rehab, it's all about getting away from isolated shoulder girdle exercises and bringing in the entire kinetic chain. At this point in time, there should be minimal/no pain and focus should be on strength and power development as well as a gradual ease into return to sport type movements. I absolutely LOVE the landmine during this phase as it provides some additional shoulder stability due to the contact with the ground and allows for creative pairing of arm and leg movements. . �� Shown here are just a few snippets of various shoulder exercises I use with patients in order of decreasing difficulty. Anything with a single arm press or hold will be more difficult than a double arm exercise and anything with a squat or lunge will be easier than a single leg stance exercise. . � Be creative and smart with your progressions and regressions. There is no limit to your creativity!!!
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