FRC Principle: Passive end range holds, lift offs, and hovers

These videos focus on the FRC principles: passive end range holds, passive end range lift offs, and hovers. These techniques help to improve muscular strength, joint resiliency, and muscular and neurological control. The concept of of irradiating tension throughout my body remains in the techniques. The first clip is focused on improving end range hip flexion STRENGTH. You should passively bring yourself into a particular range of hip flexion and maintain that position ACTIVELY for a given period of time. Then increase the degree of hip flexion and perform the same technique. The second technique is passive end range lift offs out of a 90-90 hip position, which focuses on improving hip internal rotation, specifically on the left side in this clip. You need to irradiate tension throughout the entire body to lift off the ground and hold for a period of time to improve neural drive and strength in the given range. Lastly, is Hovers. Implementing tools such as yoga blocks or shoes to help you perform hovers is totally up to you. In this clip the individual starts in a 90-90 hip position with the focus being on his right leg. He actively lifts his front side leg and brings it through a particular range of motion hovering over an object such as a towel. This enhances neural and muscular strength throughout the entire exercise. These techniques are neurologically taxing if done correctly and cramping is likely to occur. Slowly start implementing FRC principles into everyday practice and optimize your joint resilience, health, and longevity!
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