FRC Principle: Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)

This video focuses on the FRC principle: controlled articular rotations. The concept of CARs is that the joint capsule relays multidirectional and rotatory information to the central nervous system (CNS). For this reason, the rotatory component of CARs is imperative and should not be overlooked. The mechanoreceptors that innervate our joint capsules provides the CNS with afferent feedback carrying signals that pertain to what is going on with the joint. More stimulus to the mechanoreceptors means more AFFERENT feedback to the CNS, which causes more EFFERENT output back to the musculoskeletal system, inducing more CONTROL. In these videos the individual is performing CARs focused at my neck, shoulder, and hip. He is ACTIVELY moving through my range and utilizing USABLE range of motion under muscular and neurological control instead of simply holding a static stretch without active control. With each CAR you should try to create a larger "circle" to improve control on the outer limits of the range, thus enhancing the adaptability of the tissues and aiding in joint health, integrity, and protection. Also to increase the intensity of this exercise you can increase the resistance through the air from 0% to 100%. This will help create more tension throughout the body to ultimately improve muscular and neurological control.
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