Forward Three Step Deceleration With Cones

  • HOW: Set-up 3 cones in a linear fashion with space between each cone. The amount of space between each cone will depend on how difficult you want the task to be. Perform this drill with stopping on the same leg at each cone, then repeat on the other side. Follow the video instructions to get an idea of how to stop on the same leg at each cone. The goal is to decelerate your speed with good mechanics and alignment throughout the kinetic chain without losing your balance.
  • FEEL: You should feel like your glutes, quads, and calves are helping to decelerate and maintain optimal balance and alignment. You should feel like you’re landing softly vs. being loud/stomping your feet.
  • COMPENSATION: View the video for ideas, however we do not want the knee to collapse in, your upper body leaning side to side, rolling on the outside of your ankle/foot, your heel coming too far off the ground, or losing your balance.

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